Tuesday, September 27, 2005

About Sex and More

Sex is a natural thing, despite what some people might say. We reproduce that way, the way we continue to evolve over. Our body is ready for it, and any issue about sexual relations is part of the life. So it’s no surprise when some sexual problems appear. Of course, it shows that something is wrong. However, as any other part of our body, the sexual organs can be affected not only by diseases and virus, but also for stress, anger, and other psychological issues. First, let us clear some things up: sexual problems are not the same thing as sexual transmitted diseases. While the prime are caused by biological, chemical (drugs, alcohol) or psychological factors, the late are results from bacteria, virus or parasites – external agents. But that doesn’t mean that those problems can’t cause some serial damage. In fact, since most of them are caused by psychological problems, they can be even more frustrating and more scaring that the STDs. When the mind is not working well, the body will suffer the consequences too. What are the most common sexual problems? Well, there are several of them. In men, the most common are: premature ejaculation (the inability to have control over the orgasm timing) and erectile dysfunction (the incapacity to achieve or maintain an adequate erection). Nevertheless, normally certain men have occasional difficulty in achieving erection – just when it gets frequent it troubles. Then, it can be physical or psychological matters, and discovering quickly the source of the problem is the best thing to do. There also can be relation with drug or alcohol abuse and the “performance anxiety” – worrisome about performance and erection. Some problems affect both sexes, like Anorgasmia (inability to experience an orgasm – most frequent in woman) and inhibited sexual desire (lack of will to have sexual relation). Yet again, they might be consequence of psychological issues. ISD (inhibited sexual desire), for instance, can be related to sexual trauma, depression or relationship problems. In addition, there’s Vaginism, the painful tensing of the surrounding muscles of the vagina when penetration begins or is about to. Obviously, it only occurs in females. There are still many other problems that could be cited. The best thing to do when facing one of them is to consult a doctor to find out if it has a physical cause. If not, you have to discover the cause and treat it with a specialist. So, there’s no need to be ashamed or afraid of going to the doctor. Those problems can occur to anyone. After all, as so far mentioned, sex is a natural thing.